The Boston Herald Tries to Write About Twitter

I was ready to write a cranky entry about Margery Eagan’s story in today’s Boston Herald about Twitter and just read what Steve Garfield wrote . Apparently I’m not the only one perplexed by Margery.

Margery writes:

“Forget having to go over for supper and feign interest in the 98-page Baby is Born scrapbook. Now we’ll get the scrapbook updates constantly. In real time. Whether we want them or not.”

Steve writes:

Actually, if you had taken the time to learn how twitter works you’d know that you need to ADD someone to receive their updates.

I understand that as a writer, you can’t be an expert about everything you write about. But even just taking a couple of minutes to understand what you’re writing about can really go a long way. Setting up a twitter account is free.

Of course, what do I know? I’m just blathering away over on Twitter. ;)