The Move to Allston

Michael and I moved to Allston yesterday. We were sensible and hired movers so overall, it went very smoothly. We’re now inhabitants of what seems to be referred to as Lower Allston. I’ve wanted to live in Boston (maybe just a year) ever since I moved here from Nebraska eleven years ago. It’ll be nice to be able to walk home from concerts at the Paradise and other nearby spots including Great Scott and O’Briens. I’m hoping proximity to these spots will restart my podcasting adventure, too. And more frequent updates on ye olde event calendar.

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just a little fyi, on your blog pages where you posted the red cross image you made the link extend through the word join in the text below the red cross image, it looks funny

Oops! Thanks for catching that. I forgot to close the href tag. For some reason, it wasn’t showing up incorrectly on Firefox (on my iBook). Odd!

So glad that you are safe in Houston!

Hey Brad! I forgot you live in Allston. Fun! I’m not sure if we are officially in Lower Allston or not. maybe the edge of it. You’d probably know!

Well, according to Google Maps, we live about 0.1 miles from each other. Michael and I are on Harvard Ave near the Post Office. :)

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