Time for another round of “If Bush wins, I’m moving to [insert country here]”?

Remember all those friends and celebrities who insisted they’d move out of the country if Bush won in 2000? No one I know ended up moving. And now it’s time once again for those people and some new ones to start up the talk that if Bush wins, they’ll move. My eloquent response? Whatever. Kos has perhaps a slightly more eloquent retort, though not directly about people fleeing the country but an appropriate response nonetheless.

I’ve always said today was merely a battle in a long war. The GOP built its electoral dominance over 40 years by building a massive, well-funded message, training, and media machine.

We started putting ours together last year.

You all have much to be proud of. But please don’t think your job is done, or that your hard work was all for naught. It’s not, and it wasn’t.

This is just the beginning, not the end. Regardless of who takes that oath next January we still have a war to wage. We won’t wage it with violence, but by building a solid foundation for a new progressive movement.

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