Wireless-g is in the house, yo … almost

Michael picked up the Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router on sale today for $129 at Radio Shack. Yes, Radio Shack. One geek pal has already given me a hard time about this. But it was the best deal in our immediate area. Best Buy and CompUSA outlets have it available for the same price; but their listings indicate it is $129 after a rebate. Radio Shack offered it for that price upfront. I called a local computer store a few weeks ago to check on their pricing. I’d be happy to give my money to an Arlington business. But they had two problems: the guy who answered the phone was rude and the price was a lot higher.

I had already purchased the wireless-g notebook adapter for Zippy (my Dell notebook) a few weeks ago thinking I could use it at Panera Bread with their free wireless Internet access and then just use my regular ethernet card at home. It didn’t work. But this weekend I’m going to try to set up the new wireless network. It will probably help that this time I’ll have both the router/access point and the card so everything can be on the same setup. The two desktop machines will stay wired for now. If I have trouble following directions (it has been known to happen) I’ll have to call in a geek pal to resue me. But I’m hoping that the instructions are clear and the equipment (and my patience) cooperates. It would be nice to accomplish this myself. I’m also hopeful that maybe the network will reach out into the courtyard of our apartment complex. I have a feeling it probably won’t but my fingers are crossed anyway.

Tonight Susan and I are going to see Lisa Germano at the Paradise Rock Club on Comm Ave in Boston. Doors open at 7 and Lisa goes on at 8 with Clem Snide headlining later on.