Peonies — the official flower of

Growing up in Nebraska, peony bushes lined the back of my grandparents house in Fremont. On Memorial Day Weekend, we’d cut the flowers and put them in mason jars to bring to relatives graves around northeastern Nebraska. Ever since then, peonies (and lilacs) have been my favorite flower. They only bloom for a few weeks in May and early June — not long enough!

I took this photo of two pink peonies in Central Square in front of Betahouse. View the image on Flickr to see a larger view of the flowers.

Two Friends

Peonies at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Peonies in Mount Auburn Cemetery

I haven’t been taking lots of photos lately but I’m going to dig back into that. Thanks to some help from Kristarella in the Thesis WordPress theme forum, I was able to make some tweaks to the photo blog category of so the photos appear in an area that can accommodate larger photos.

I need to do more tinkering but for now, here’s a photo I took a few months ago of a bunch of peonies at the Mount Auburn Cemetery. I’m optimistic winter will end eventually!