Oh, hello.

Sooz is a project manager, digital marketer and Boston event photographerI’m Sooz: a project manager, digital marketer and Boston event photographer. This website is where I’ve documented my life and times since 2001.

View my profile on LinkedIn to learn more about my experience working in project management and digital marketing. I enjoy collaborating with colleagues and clients as partners. Here’s how an entrepreneur described working with me when he hired me to help bring his next great idea to life.

WOW. I got lucky. Sooz jumped in, grasped the idea, helped research, built our site, set up our tools, took command of social media, helped design the product, edited, used her network to refer several other people we worked with (design, UX, coding, hula hoopers), project managed, supported advisors and clients, ran operations, and did this all hours because we are in 5 time zones, and all in a high-energy breathless way, just like this sentence.

If you’re looking for a Boston event photographer, view my Sooz Photography portfolio. ┬áIn 2002, I started taking concert photos as a hobby. That evolved into working as an event photographer for social, networking, non-profit and corporate events in Boston. I am drawn to the documentary style of photography and at my best capturing candid moments. Say hello to discuss enlisting my help at your next event.

And here are a few more things you can do: follow me on Twitter, read my blog, view my photos on Instagram and watch Sooz TV concert videos of mostly Boston bands at some of my favorite music venues around town.