The Sooz List Winter 2020 Spotify Playlist

It’s time for another playlist. “The Sooz List: Winter 2020” features eight new songs by some of my favorite bands in Boston and beyond. Each song was released in either January or February 2020.

“The Sooz List: March 2020” playlist includes Session Americana’s cover of The Modern Lovers’ song “Roadrunner”, an ode to driving along the highways of Massachusetts in 1976. The song features Dinty Child on vocals with the rest of the band joining him on a raucous Americana-style rendition. Session Americana kicks off touring to show off their new album “Northeast” throughout March 2020 with stops in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Sounds very Northeast-y.

Listen on Spotify to hear the latest music from these goddamn delightful artists. I’ve especially enjoyed Jenee Halstead, Chuck Prophet and Anna Calvi all releasing new songs the past three months.

Follow the link on each band’s name to learn more about what they’re up to.

Someday I will round up each of The Sooz List playlists in one blog post. Until that magical day, listen to a few of The Sooz List collections I’ve assembled of Lloyd Cole, The Tragically, Everything But The Girl and my favorite Boston bands from when I first moved to Boston in 1994 to present. You can also follow me on Spotify.