250 cattle poisoned in Nebraska

The other day Michael showed me a CNN article with the above title, 250 cattle poisoned in Nebraska. Anytime Nebraska comes up on the news, in a newspaper, etc. he points it out to me. Since I grew up there perhaps there is a chance I know every Nebraskan mentioned in the news, right? (It’s not that small!) He mentioned that this incident took place in Richland, a town in Nebraska I had never heard of. Yesterday I got an email from my youngest sister Amy. The cattle belonged to her boss and he asked Amy to help put together a campaign to lobby the government to have tougher restrictions on the pesticides that the cattle were poisoned with. Apparently a website is in the works which I’ll link to whenever it is published. She wanted to know if I have any contacts with environmental organizations who might be interested in their campaign/efforts. Unfortunately I haven’t been all that plugged into environmental causes since college.