A Consolation Prize (new job at Nokia, road trip planning!)

Unfortunately I won’t be at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival this weekend but I did get a sort of consolation prize today when I heard back from the HR/Recruiting person at Nokia. I start a new 3-month contract job there on the 18th. It happened rather fast: they found my resume on last week, I had an interview three days later and an offer today. (Insert rejoicing tidbits here.) I’m really looking forward to it and it’s a mere 10 minute drive away. I wonder if I’ll have to hide my new Sanyo phone. I bought it before they called me about the job last week.

Michael and I have been conspiring about our two-week road trip across half of the United States: 23 states, 6 baseball games, Gnomedex and who knows what else. We’ll have a little website up one of these days outlining the route and stuff we’d like to see and do along the way. The trip is tentatively scheduled for July 22nd through August 5th.