A dinner party for my Gmail invitees?

Since most everyone I know already has a Gmail account, I decided to post an ad on (Boston) Craig’s List this morning in the free category to get rid of my 12 lingering invites. Several people are posting ads charging for Gmail account invites. Too funny. I received numerous emails from people delighted that I was giving them away for free. Several people told me their sob stories dealing with Hotmail. Another person turned out to be a friend of the human I more or less moved to Boston for ten years ago. I posted the ad with an anonymous CL email address so it turned out to be an amusing surprise for both of us. Someone else recognized my last name and asked me if I’m from Dracut. I’ve heard there’s another Susan Kaup in the Boston area but we haven’t crossed paths yet.

I’m thinking it might be fun to have a dinner party/outing with everyone I’ve given Gmail invites to. Some people are pals who I sent invites to directly and then the rest are random people who responded to the ad on Craig’s List. Might be fun!

Update 6/23/04: I gave away that last batch of invites and now I’ve got more. So, if you still don’t have a Gmail account and you want one, send me a note.

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