Annie Hall

Michael is slowly (yet surely) making his way through the AFI’s Top 100 List from a few (OK, many) years ago. His latest review is up about Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall.” And much like his sports writing, Michael can even make a Woody Allen movie sound interesting. Or at least interesting enough to read a review about the movie. (Maybe I’m in the minority, but I have never liked most of Woody Allen’s movies.)

Woody Allen. He is what he is, and you either love him or hate him. I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve seen by him, particularly Radio Days and Manhattan. But there’s a dark story associated with a Woody Allen movie that I have to share – the day in 1992 I chose to go see Shadows and Fog – an utterly, completely, totally forgettable movie (literally, all I remember is that it’s black and white) – and decided not to stay home and watch what turned out to be the greatest basketball game of all time (Duke/Kentucky: The Laettner Shot).

That has nothing to do with Annie Hall, of course, but you didn’t wait five months to hear me say “I heard it was really good.”

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