Asking For It

Kristen Fischer, a senior editor at wrote an article a couple weeks ago about the Kobe Bryant case that is actually worth reading compared to the bizarro coverage most of the press has given it. One news program shortly after the story broke went on and on about how Kobe’s product deals might be affected. Regardless of what is or isn’t the truth, it’s sad to see people more concerned about selling shoes than human beings.

But she’s a woman, you say — no, she’s a girl, but we’ll get to that later — and most likely an attractive one, so she should have known better. She should delve into the male psyche and know that he only wants one thing.

He’s a 24-year-old married man with a child, but this 19-year-old girl should be smarter. She should know the score. How convenient for him, that she holds the key to all accountability. (full article)

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