Audio blogging, podcasting and the crazy Bush supporter who lost her cat

Earlier today while standing in line in Davis Square waiting to vote for John Kerry, I decided to revive my audio blog. I suppose all the cool kids these days are calling this podcasting. I don’t quite get that since it’s moreso about the audio and less so about the device you download it to. And I don’t have an iPod. I’ve got 12 unused posts in my account and set up a seperate site for my audio ramblings at Hear Here!. Alas, the recordings aren’t showing up on the site and I’m not able to log in to my audblog account. What’s up audblog? I’ve been thinking about setting up an account with if they’ll let me pay with Pay Pal.

The story I thought I was telling via audblog this afternoon was about the crazy lady a few people behind me in line going on and on about how Bush is great and Kerry is an opportunist. Yeah, right. As if Bush hasn’t taken ample opportunity to misuse his authority, etc. She lost her cat while standing in line, too.