Back from Nebraska

Michael and I returned from Nebraska late yesterday afternoon. It was nice to return to mostly warm weather. There was a little snow in Omaha last night and I was hoping it wouldn’t follow us home to Boston.

I’m extremely behind in email. But at least there are a few emails from friends admist the 12,000 spam emails.

Michael picked out a bunch of old photographs of me that were gathering dust in photo albums at my mom’s house. We’ll probably scan them and put some of them online sometime this week.

My mom passing away is still not feeling completely real. But I guess that will all come with time. I’m really grateful that Michael went back with me. That made a big difference. We also got in some fun stuff, too. We spent a few hours at the Henry Doorly Zoo and met up with old friends who I had not seen in eight years. And we also had our required visit(s) at The Antiquarium Bookstore in The Old Market area of downtown Omaha. I’ll write more about that stuff when I post photos I took. It was nice to have a chance to see a lot (a LOT) of people I had not seen in years. I just wish the reason for the visit had not been so sad. Hopefully we’ll be able to get back once or twice this summer.