Oops, no photos Jeff Veen

Oops, no photos

Jeff Veen and Peter Merholz were in town this week for the UI 6 East conference so Peter and I conspired to get a few folks together for drinks/food/conversation at Underbones last night. I brought my digital camera with me — planning to take a few photos to post in the photo album. It would have helped to remember the flash card. Oops. No photos to show; but a good time was had by all. Julianne Chatelain told us about her newish job at LifeFX. They’re creating “virtual stand-ins” for email and Web sites.

rsvp3: the 80s Michael and

rsvp3: the 80s

Michael and I finally started to send out the email invites for rsvp3:the 80s. We both need to get our costumes put together. And Kim is still refusing to feather her hair for the party. Ha. Ha. Ha. If you’d like to join us, read the party info right here. There’s a special link to paypal for rsvp payments.

There will NOT be a 70s themed party next year. No no no no.

Feed Your Ears I’ve added

Feed Your Ears

I’ve added a couple more hours to the sooz!radio “all mixed up” radio program. I also added a little button that you can place on your Web site if you feel inspired. It’s not a work of art; (is that a subtle enough hint for “feel free to submit a better design”?) but it works. Right now there is around 16 hours of no-repeat-non-stop-sooz!radio-music-enjoyment. It’ll probably be up to 24 hours in a few months. Check it out and feed your ears.

Strange Days “Those who would

Strange Days

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – The Papers of Ben Franklin

Carole has a very interesting message posted at AfterChaos.com, in light of recent events.

Fray Day! Fray Day makes

Fray Day!

Fray Day makes its way around the world tomorrow, Saturday September 8, 2001. Fray Day Cambridge is sure to be a lot of fun. We recently found out that Brother Blue, “the” storyteller for Boston and Cambridge will be there, too. He’s been telling stories for over 30 years. You can learn more about him at Riverdeep.

When: Saturday, September 8; 7-11pm
Where: YWCA @ Hannum Hall — 7 Temple Street (off of Mass Ave) Central Square, Cambridge, MA
What: Personal storytelling, poetry, open mic
Why: Everyone has a story to tell.
MBTA Redline: Central Square Stop.
MBTA Bus: #1 Bus.
Car: Mapquest.com directions
Cost: It’s a volunteer-produced event. Donations are happily accepted (but not required) at the door to help cover costs.
What else: http://www.fray.org/5/boston

Ebay Mania Ebay is

Ebay Mania

Ebay is certainly making the contest giveaways for the 80s party a LOT easier to arrange. I’m awestruck by some of the crap, err, “stuff” I’ve found online. Here’s what I’ve bid on so far:

Michael Jackson “Thriller” poster
Menudo LP (ooh, it’s a rare collector’s item!)
Kate Bush “Lionheart Babooshka” Poster
The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry” Poster (it pains me to give this one away, but I will!)
New Kids On The Block Pins (okay, it’s weird but I have to admit, I did own their first tape)
4 tapes with 30 music videos each (Life in a Northern Town? Yes!)

Kim suggested we play mp3s from her new ipaq which she’s ugpraded to a 5 gig hard drive. Geeks in 2001 meet the 80s. Too fun. The invite should be out soon. If you’re not on the e-list (over there to the top right), be sure to signup so I can send you a proper invitation.

Dinner party plans are

Dinner party plans are underway

After conspiring with a coworker, it looks like the next dinner party will be Thursday, August 23rd at The (ohsotasty) Summer Shack at Alewife in Cambridge, MA. Jasper White, the shack’s proprietor, makes the best pan-roasted lobster. I highly recommend this dish! An all around fun time for everyone is in store! If you’d like to join us, check out the info on the events listing page and/or send an email to rsvp@sooz.com. You pay for what you consume: food and drink.

The rsvp3 venue has been booked and paid for. Michael’s got his eye on a white jacket, white pants and neon shirt. If it weren’t an 80s party, I’d be scared!

Events! Fray Day 5


Fray Day 5 Boston has a venue. Hoorah! Festivities will take place on Saturday, September 8 at the Hannum Hall YWCA — oh-so-conveniently located in Central Square, Cambridge. (Okay so it’s not “Boston” but hey, it’s close enough, right?) Why not join us for four hours of storytelling, music, poetry, etc. It’s a volunteer-run adventure, so if you’d like to help out as a supporter, please get in touch. Fray Day started in San Francisco by Derek Powazek, the proprietor of Fray.com, a personal storytelling Web site that has become quite popular over the years.

In other fun event news, rsvp3 has a venue, too. This is a private shindig for e-list subscribers and friends hosted by myself and a group of friends. It’s a costume party of course and I have no idea what I’m going to wear. How about you?

In non-event news, I added a “sooz sitings” section to the elsewhere, etc page. After receiving an email from another “sooz” on the Web (in England), I thought I’d join the ranks of humans who link to others with the same name. Take a look.  raquo;