Boston Events

Bloggers @ A.R.T.

Several years ago I conspired with The American Repertory to invite Boston area bloggers to a performance at their new Zero Arrow Theater in Harvard Square. It was a fun excuse to get out to see something I rarely seem to do: theater!

Thanks to Nicholas Peterson at A.R.T., they’re inviting bloggers to this Sunday’s (7pm, April 6th) performance of the U.S. premier of “ELECTIONS & ERECTIONS: A Chronicle of Fear and Fun.” Tickets normally cost $39 for the Sunday performances; but bloggers get a complimentary ticket in exchange for blogging about the performance (good, bad, indifferent).

If you’re a Boston area blogger and you’d like to join us on Sunday, April 6th at 7pm, sign-up on the page. If you don’t use, send me an email with the URL of your blog. We might meet up for drinks after the performance.

A.R.T. has a blog that will probably start percolating again sometime soon with tidbits about their latest show.