The Internet Is Fun

Boston Bloggers Summit Thingy on Saturday March 10th

You know what? I still love the Internet. Love it. Love it! The other day I got a message in my Vox blog message center from someone named Regina. She found me while she was poking around Vox looking for likeminded humans who write about Boston, music, etc. She’s local and it seemed odd we hadn’t already met. Then we find out my former roommate is a good friend of hers and la la la. I love the small worldness of the web when it connects you with people in your own backyard.

It turns out Regina is not only awesome but also working on a new newspaper+website startup called BostonNOW. Their plan is to publish a newspaper that includes both pro and citizen journalists plus a website, too. If you’re a blogger curious about what they (and maybe you) are going to be up to, join the conversation at All Asia Cafe in Central Square on Saturday, March 10th from 11-2. They’ve got an RSVP page on and a blog with more info.