Boston International Film Festival, Day 1

The Boston International Film Festival began today with festivities and films at the John Hancock Hall. David Baeumler, the husband of Sandy, my best pal throughout high school, had his “I Cannot Understand You” short film chosen for the festival. It’s screening Friday, June 25th 12:30-12:36pm. They’re in Norway for the summer so he gave me his all-access passes. Starting tonight I saw some great films including the feature length “Guarding Eddy“, a very heartfelt (yet not at all cheesy) movie about a sassy NBA rookie and Eddy, the 18 year-old kid with mental disorders that he befriends. The lead actor/producer, Brian Presley (who plays Eddy) and actor Kiko Ellsworth were at the screening and took questions from the audience — mostly other film people who asked great questions. They are daytime soap actors most of the time and put the film together based on someone that Brian got to know in Los Angeles. Great film … highly recommended! Tickets are still available for a whole bunch of films being shown through Sunday night.