Boston to NYC Bus for Howard Dean’s Sleepless Summer Rally?

I was hoping the Mass For Dean group would be able to get a bus organized for the upcoming Howard Dean rally in New York City on Monday, August 26th. Mike in Philadelphia (who is responsible for the Phillies jersey that Dean wore at the recent rally in Philadelphia) contacted the Mass For Dean group about a bus from Boston to New York City but apparently they aren’t organizing anything for that event and focusing on a Portsmouth event instead.

I’d really like to go to the New York City event and it would be great to see a bunch of other Boston area people there, too. Should we organize our own bus? Post a comment or send me an email if you’re interested. The Philly For Dean group organized a bus that costs $20 round trip per person and includes lunch and movies in the bus. Why not do something like that from Boston, too! It might be a few dollars more but probably not much.

Update 8/22: There’s just not enough time to make arrangements for a bus. Maybe another time!