Retweetable and true: A quote from Chris Anderson about doing what you need to do

photo of Pattenburg (Musconetcong) Tunnel by Owls Flight Photography

I’ve spent the past month (aka my first month after job layoff) rethinking and remodeling my consulting business and my website projects. It’s as if it was Spring cleaning in July/August! Late last night I saw a tweet by Chris Anderson (you know, that long tail guy) that was retweeted 3093030 times. (OK, maybe only 30303.) I don’t think there could have been a better thing to read at that very moment. In fact, I plan to read it every morning before I dig into the day’s work for the foreseeable future.

In crazy times, put your head down & build something cool. Ignore the noise & follow your nose. If it matters to you, it matters.


One of the projects I’ve done some rethinking and remodeling for is Solo Boston. It’s an idea that has had a few different project names over the years since 1999. It seems like this name just might stick! If you work on your own in the Boston area as a freelancer, free agent or consultant — join us. The monthly lunch I hosted for many years is coming back to life in September. The motto of Solo Boston is “solo but not alone.” Indeed!

Photo of Pattenburg (Musconetcong) Tunnel by Owls Flight Photography on Flickr.