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Clearly I am still an amateur tinkerer when it comes to CSS

I’ve got a long entry in the works regarding “WordPress vs Movable Type” and why I decided to keep Exploit Boston on Movable Type. But I’m running late to get some errands done before the Tom Petty concert tonight so I thought I’d try to appease the CSS gods out there in the meantime. I’ve attempted to modify an awesomely simple and straightforward two-column CSS layout that I stumbled into online recently. As-is it works on browsers running on both Windows and Mac (including IE!) but it looks like my modifcations may have messed something up. Michael reports that the sidebar is messed up on IE6 on Windows. Oh, fun.

If you have any tips, I would be immensely grateful. I’ll probably figure it out eventually … maybe. In the meantime, if you visit Exploit Boston and you’re wondering why (if) it’s all messed up: it’s because I am a lowly CSS tinkerer.