Cowboy Junkies at The Iron Horse

Cowboy Junkies setlist at the Iron Horse May 29 2003

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Michael+Sooz collaboration, we saw the Cowboy Junkies perform their second show of the night on Thursday. It was wonderful. We got into Northampton around 5:30 and spent the first few hours before the 9:30 show wandering around, checking out cool shops and of course there was the obligatory used book store shopping. I really like Northampton and wouldn’t mind living there someday.

I’ve been a fan of the Cowboy Junkies for years but had never seen them live before. It was a real treat seeing them at such a small venue. We managed to get a table sitting with three strangers right up front. They performed a great mix of old and new tunes including the debut of several songs that might make it on their new album next year. After the show, Michael claimed Margo Timmon’s setlist and we waited outside to see if she might sign it. While waiting outside we saw Steve who was standing in line in front of us before the show. He asked if I’d take a photo of him with Margo whenever we were able to get her attention. We waited for about ten minutes when Margo emerged from the bus with a large glass of red wine. A few oddballs talked her ear off for a while and then I managed to get her to sign the setlist. I mentioned that I wanted to take a photo of her with Steve and she was cool about it. And then something amusing happened. Steve thought he would also be taking a photo of me with Margo (Michael was conveniently standing several feet away and escaped the photo moment). I told him I didn’t need the photo, no worries. But Margo insisted. It was a funny couple of seconds. I’m not sure how bad the photo turned out but if it’s not completely awful I’ll post it here once Steve sends it.

Check out the band’s tour diary and read what Margo had to say about the Northampton shows.