CSS follies and mobile phone dreams

In a previous entry I mentioned how I was going to wander through West Civ’s free CSS Level 2 course. A fabulous idea, for sure. Of course, I never actually got to do it. But I figured I’d go ahead and try to set up the latest Exploit Boston! layout myself. No problem, right? I can read. I can type. Occassionally I can slap a few brain cells together. I’m a lucky fool. Matt is completely rescuing the CSS design. He deserves a raise! ;)

Today at work I disclosed to the guy in the cubicle next to me that I have a Sanyo mobile phone. I think he’s the second person at work (Nokia) who I’ve told since starting this contract job a month ago. It’s ironic that I’d get a job at Nokia a few weeks after I bought my cell phone but there wasn’t a Nokia color-screen phone comparable to the Sanyo CP-4900 available with the Sprint PCS + Vision service. I got the same response from him: “You better hide that!” I have dreams of Nokia making the 6800 available with the Sprint PCS service. That would be quite excellent. It is such a sexy phone and it looks useful, too.