Dabbling with Marqui

Update June 27, 2005: December 2004 through February 2005 I was part of Marqui’s “Pay to Blog” program. I wrote about them and linked to them once a week. During the three-month program I had this icon displayed on my site in the right sidebar area.

Marqui has opened up their communications management system to outsiders with 100 dabble mode accounts. I sent them an email requesting a test account since I thought it would be interesting to try it out on a system that doesn’t get wiped out every night. From the way the below application process is described, they don’t seem to be qualifying the requests. Will the first 100 people who ask for a test account receive one, no questions asked? More information is available on Marqui’s website on a page described at the top as an interactive brochure. On the right side of the page (err, brochure), Janet Johnson’s information is included but it looks like she forgot to indicate her phone number. It says “Click here to email me or give me a call at “. It also seems a little strange to put the link to her email on “click here” instead of just taking out those two words and putting the email link on “Email me.” There’s no title tag on the email link either.

I checked out the dabble mode website and now they are referring to CMS as “communications management suite” instead of “communications management system” that is used on their main website. It looks like they are also dabbling with what they want to refer to themselves as.

  1. Prospect sends e-mail to and requests one.
  2. Alex captures their information and responds with userID and password(s)
  3. There are roles-based versions of the password so they can access Admin, Maestro, Composer and Writer levels
  4. Prospect goes to to access their dabblemode site.