Dinner With Kevin Smokler on July 7th in Harvard Square

San Francisco writer (and friend) Kevin Smokler is going to be in town on Thursday, July 7th to talk about his new book at the Harvard Book Store at 6:30 PM. I’m hosting a dinner afterwards at nearby Smile Thai Cafe. RSVP if you’d like to join us.

About BOOKMARK NOW: Writing in Unreaderly Times:

Offering a voyeuristic peek into the private, creative lives of today’s 20-something and 30-something writers, BOOKMARK NOW sheds light on what their work means at a time when the book business is changing, and yet storytelling via e-mail and weblogs seems more relevant than ever.

Kevin has a website for the book where he’s writing his impressions and also recording audio about the book tour. It’s a fun peek into the world of an author’s first book.

It’s Bookmark Now’s fifth bookstore event, our second week of touring and I still get scared 8 ways to silly before it happens. I wonder when I’ll get used to this? Christmas 2008 perhaps? I’ve seen concert films of bands that have been touring for 20 years and they still get the ole’ sithers in the stomach before they go on. Maybe the fear puts you in game mode.

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