Events! Fray Day 5


Fray Day 5 Boston has a venue. Hoorah! Festivities will take place on Saturday, September 8 at the Hannum Hall YWCA — oh-so-conveniently located in Central Square, Cambridge. (Okay so it’s not “Boston” but hey, it’s close enough, right?) Why not join us for four hours of storytelling, music, poetry, etc. It’s a volunteer-run adventure, so if you’d like to help out as a supporter, please get in touch. Fray Day started in San Francisco by Derek Powazek, the proprietor of, a personal storytelling Web site that has become quite popular over the years.

In other fun event news, rsvp3 has a venue, too. This is a private shindig for e-list subscribers and friends hosted by myself and a group of friends. It’s a costume party of course and I have no idea what I’m going to wear. How about you?

In non-event news, I added a “sooz sitings” section to the elsewhere, etc page. After receiving an email from another “sooz” on the Web (in England), I thought I’d join the ranks of humans who link to others with the same name. Take a look.  raquo;

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