Podcamp returns to Boston in July

Podcamp Boston

The awesomeness that is Podcamp Boston is happening July 19-20 for year number three. I’ve helped out each year running the registration+info desk with Steve Sherlock. It’s an inspiring event. This year, a small fee ($50) is being charged to help insure that everyone who signs up is committed to going.

Beyond the participant sponsorship, Podcamp Boston is also looking for companies to step up and help cover logistical costs including the venue. Christopher Penn, Podcamp co-founder and lead organizer for Podcamp Boston found a great venue at Joseph Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School. If you’d like to help make this event happen, please do. This is a good opportunity to be visible to hundreds of social media savvy mavens and people interested in digging in and learning more. If you have any questions about the event, email me!