Exploit Boston! and Sondre Lerche

I have told you this before
and my transparent mind
won’t cover see-through hearts
I’ll be straight with you now
Now I’m not what you want
just like the rest
and you feel like you’re subject to a test
But if there’s one thing I know it’s this
When I lose my sleep it’s you I miss – “You Know So Well” – Sondre Lerche

I’ve been tinkering with Exploit Boston’s temporary design this weekend. The temporariness has endured a bit longer term than I originally intended. But that’s OK. Working on EB! seems to be very good luck for unemployed designers. Looking for work but have free time on your hands for the time being? Start conspiring with me on the EB! website and job offers will start falling out of the sky. I guess that’s not all that bad but hopefully this time around we’ll be able to make more progress.

My favorite young pop gem from Norway (oh, he has a name … Sondre Lerche) is performing at TT The Bear’s on Wednesday, June 18th. I haven’t seen him live yet but everything on his debut Faces Down album is nothing less than spectacular. I posted a few tidbits on Exploit Boston! about the show and plan to get there around 9:30pm in time for Sondre’s performance. It’s the best $12 you’ll spend in June.