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Exploit Boston Game Night at the Common Ground Tonight

The first of two Exploit Boston game nights at the Common Ground in Allston this month happens tonight (Tues, February 7th). (The two previous Boston shindigs were at The Paradise Lounge.) The start time is 7pm and the game playing fun should be happening until at least 10:30 PM. The kitchen is open until 11pm and the bar is open until 2pm. They’ve got really good food if you want to make dinner plans there, too.

There was a blurb in today’s Boston Metro about the event on page 11 in the entertainment section (PDF). Game night also happens in conjunction with the Common Ground iPod night so if you want everyone to hear your tunes, bring a 30-minute playlist. More info on the event website. Thanks to Ryan, there will be new and improved event website graphics for February 21st and beyond.

Exploit Boston Game Night tidbit in the Boston Metro newspaper