Getting Stuff Done

Yesterday Pete Caputa and I went on an appointment tour to various venues in Boston to talk about his company’s (WhizSpark) event planning platform and promotion tools plus my event planning services. I watched him handle a cold-call situation immensely well. I was interested in sticking to the places I had spoken to in advance but Pete is a braver human than I will ever be. He reminded me that it’s good to step out of our usual routines now and again. Very true! The highlight of our appointment tour was meeting with a corporate event coordinator at an upscale restaurant in Back Bay. I’ve known her for a couple years so that certainly helped make it more of a conversation and less a sales meeting. But also, she just seemed to get it — that WhizSpark provides a platform and tools that can make her job easier. And make her look good, too. Who wants to take oodles of RSVPs over the phone? That is so 2004!

A big client/project needs to hook up with WhizSpark so they can spend some money on design: customization of the layout and colors is key.

For a humorous interpretation of yesterday, read what Pete has to say on his blog.