Hire Ron Pacheco

Brad Choate is offering a generous reward to anyone who can help his friend Ron Pacheco find a fulltime job in the southwest Connecticut/New York City area. Ron’s eight-year old son Thomas had cancer so it’s important they are back on health insurance soon. Here are the stipulations that Brad described on his website:

  • Technology position, preferably within software development or Internet-related.
  • Location within Southwest Connecticut (and New York City) is preferred. He lives in Brookfield which is just outside of Danbury, Connecticut. He would prefer to not relocate.
  • Health insurance benefits and full-time employment are a must.

Brad has been an immeasurable help to me adding functionality to Exploit Boston! and he’s just a really nice guy so if you know anyone who is hiring in Ron’s area or can pass this on, please help. Here’s his resume in PDF format which describe’s Ron’s experience as a senior-level software engineer.

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