House party coordinators conference call with Dean

I’m helping Amanda Boer coordinate house parties in Massachusetts for the Dean campaign. David Salie, the national director of the house party program, hosted a conference call tonight with volunteer state coordinators across the country. About thirty minutes into the call Governor Dean joined us to share his thoughts on the house party program moving forward and the campaign in general, too. He stayed on the call for at least twenty minutes and answered a bunch of questions. Dean mentioned that the perch the campaign was on weeks ago with lots of good press was not something earned from the voters. And I think that’s of course good to keep in mind when the press decides to turn negative. And like he said, it’s important to keep an eye on the delegate count. In New Hampshire it was 14/9/0/0/0 for first through fifth place. Coming in second with nine delegates is hardly reason to give up. Why should we let the media control the election?

And speaking of house parties … this Sunday is Super Goal 2004: First Down for Democracy. The “home” party is if you’re having friends over at your place for the Super Bowl and the “away” party is if you’re going to someone else’s shindig and want to bring some Dean info with you. Governor Dean will participate in a conference call before kick-off, too.