Howard Dean and Mass for Dean in Dover, NH

Howard Dean and Mass for Dean in Dover, New Hampshire

I got home a few hours ago from my weekend canvassing/volunteering for Howard Dean in Dover, New Hampshire. It was a wonderful weekend. I took a bunch of photos that I need to get developed tomorrow. I’ll have more to say about the experience when I put the photos online. But in the meantime, this is a photo Jerry Sneivson of Durham, NH, took of the Mass for Dean volunteers who spent the weekend canvassing in Dover. This morning Dean gave a short speech at the Elks Lodge in Dover. As he was shaking hands and talking to people I asked Chad (Dean’s driver) if we could somehow get Dean to take a photo with the Mass for Dean group. Dean has a very gracious staff — somehow they managed to make it work. We were all assembled outside next to Dean’s van so when he walked out we were ready and waiting for the photo. Click on the image to see a larger photograph.