I approve this message

My pal Sarah endorses this idea; but maybe she’s just being nice. Since Zippy (my notebook computer) is not feeling well enough to attend SXSW, I thought I’d do some audio blogging with my mostly-as-yet-unused audblog account. So, I was thinking of asking people to blather on for up to 2 minutes with the only requirement being to say “My name is (insert name here) and I approve this message.” It’s the phrase that all the presidential campaign television ads need to include. Sarah suggested I bring a stopwatch with me so I can let people know when they have 15 seconds left to talk. She’s always thinking. I figured if nothing else, it’s an excuse to go up to someone if I’m feeling otherwise shy.

In my little dreamworld, it would be great to somehow get a minute or two with Joe Trippi and the guys from MoveOn.

I recorded two (1, 2) audio blog posts on January 20th at the 2am Howard Dean Rally at an airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire when he got back to New England after the Iowa cacus. The recordings are from the crowd about 20 feet away from Dean.