I Love Ball Square

I moved to Ball Square in Somerville on June 1st. I love this area. Love it! There’s Nathan Tufts Park up the street adjacent to the Powderhouse Rotary, a liquor store with a great wine and beer selection, a local bar (I lived in Arlington, a “dry town” for 7 years so this tidbit alone is rather exciting), Soundbites and Kelly’s Diner for breakfast and my favorite spot, True Grounds at 717 Broadway. Amy and Rhett, the owners, are super nice. It’s a great spot to bring my iBook, sit on one of the couches and do work for a few hours in the evening and on weekends. They’ve got complimentary WiFi and a very tasty (not on the menu so ask for it) frozen chai. The music is usually good, too. For example, just a few minutes ago it was The Beautiful South and then Edie Brickell & New Bohemians. You’d think I made the playlist!