Indie rock and a 60s dance party?

Shannon suggested we go to the Milky Way in Jamaica Plain to see The Mittens and Palomar last night. Soltero was apparently added to the lineup at the last minute. It sounded like a fun plan to me. Unfortunately, Soltero didn’t play. After the bands played we witnessed ten very long minutes (until we left) of some sort of 60s dance party. It certainly helped explain why so many women were in retro outfits. But after you’ve seen two really good indie bands, you really aren’t expecting the floor in front of the stage to break out into lots of dancing to “These Boots Were Made for Walking” with a disco ball spinning above. We both agreed it was unfortunate that neither of us brought our camera.

Tonight Michael and I are seeing my favorite band at Avalon! Toad the Wet Sprocket is back together for a few shows. I’ve been experimenting with an audiolog so hopefully I can meet the band after the show and ask one of them to record something.