Late Night Trips to CVS

Late last night Michael and I realized we were out of two important things: toothpaste and contact lens solution. Most everything in Arlington closes by 10pm so we hopped in the car and drove to the CVS in Porter Square. Who knew it would be such a happening place at 1:45am? We were fourth in line. The woman who was second in line told the clerk that she had an emergency and needed to pay for the children’s cough medicine she was holding in her hand. But the guy in front of her was trying to redeem a coupon for a drug test kit and the clerk was having problems with it. Becoming more and more impatient the woman took the bottle out of the box and left the empty box on the counter with a twenty dollar bill. Apparently this didn’t really phase the security guard standing nearby. Two more clerks finally came up to the front to help out. So while the clerk in line one was still trying to figure out the drug test coupon situation, the customer in line three was buying a gallon of bleach and the woman who walked out with the cough medicine came back in to pay for it.

I guess this is the sort of excitement we usually miss out on. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

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