Live review of the LimoLiner from Boston to New York City

I’m on my way (as I type this) to New York City for this month’s in-person conspiring with Josh Darden. He’s a long-time friend and newish client. I usually take the cheap Fung Wah Bus to and from NYC but this time I decided to try out the LimoLiner for the trip to NYC and then take the Fung Wah bus ($15) back home. The biggest perk with LimoLiner is that they have internet access (ethernet and WiFi) included with the $69 (each way) ticket price. It’s $10 less than Amtrak, too. I was going to take a photo of the setup at my seat and upload it but I put the USB cable for Michael’s camera in the bag that’s under the bus. Oops!

They just served lunch which was actually edible: ham and cheese sandwich (other choices were turkey and veggie), pasta salad and a chocolate chip coookie. The sticker on the outside of the bag said Boston Cafe and Catering. The beverage choices were the typical juice, sodas, iced tea and coffee served in a plastic medium-sized cup.

We stopped at the Hilton in Framingham where they picked up additional passengers. A small television in front of me is playing Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can’t remember what the second movie is going to be.

There’s a small meeting room in the back where a handful of people are seated at a table and the comfy chairs we’ve got in the rest of the bus.

It’s pretty damn amazing to be able to do work while online enroute to New York. I’m surprised that no one around me has a computer in front of them. The age range of most people on the bus seems to be 40-60. There might be one or two people closer to my age (31). I’ll upload a few photos tonight.

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