My New Camera Phone: Sharp TM150

Guinea Pig

I switched from SprintPCS to T-Mobile this week and bought a cameraphone. It’s a Sharp TM150. It takes decent pictures since it’s got a megapixel camera. I decided to not get any extra features other than the $2.99 picture messaging add-on because I probably don’t need to be attached to the internet at all times. Instead of checking my email on the T I can now do something extraordinary: read a book! Crazy talk, indeed. The camera comes with a removable 32MB SD card to store images and short videos. That will definitely come in handy since the picture messaging add-on only covers twenty photo uploads. I picked up a little card reader (attaches to my keychain) to download photos and bypass the 25 cents per picture fee after those first twenty photos. Bigger memory cards are pretty cheap. I found a 512MB card for $45 at One thing the camera is missing is a flash.

I took the photo of one of my roommate’s guinea pigs with the new phone using the macro (closeup) setting.