My new web/tech/creative recruiting job at Randstad

I recently started working as a technical/web/creative├é┬árecruiter at Randstad’s office in Harvard Square. It’s a contract job for the summer and it might last longer depending on how it goes. Anyone who has known me for more than ten minutes most likely knows that I’ve always been useful at helping match people up with job opportunities. For whatever reason, I have a good memory when it comes to remembering a random assortment of people and their interests and work backgrounds. It’s interesting to do this sort of work as an actual job.

I’m not doing sales or interacting with clients. That might change at some point, but for now I definitely enjoy working with the “talent” so that I can help people find jobs they really want — not try to get people to “take” a job that happens to be available.

Here’s my new work contact information: / 617-497-8261.

Now that I’ve got my work world settled for the summer, I’ll probably be writing more here.