My notes at the Boston Web Innovators Meeting on May 8th

I took a few notes at the Boston Web Innovators meeting #6 (at Hotel@MIT) during the brief “main dish” presentations. I was surprised there was no Q&A at the end of each presentation. Next time I’ll spend more time talking to people before the presentations. I didn’t realize the talks this time around would be shorter than the last event I attended (#3 or #4).

Main Dishes

An application for your mobile phone to help facilitate “chance meetings” by researching and locating people.

  • Margaret Olson, Plum

“My Plum”:

lists collections of stuff of interest to you

Collect something using the desktop app or with a bookmarklet:
Scrapes the page you were at and adds into a collection

Plummer app:
collect through your desktop
It knows what you’ve focused on in iPhoto to prepopulate, etc.


“only friends”, “group of people”, etc.

Other collections that might be related based on how individual items in other collections are related to each other

Side Dishes