New Concert Photos: The SnowLeopards, Bang Camaro, Cassavettes, Shaun & Suzi’s 15th Annual Mardi Gras Ball

I’ve added a bunch of new concert photos over at Exploit Boston.

The SnowLeopards and Bang Camaro Downstairs at The Middle East, 1/29/08
Cassavettes “live” studio recording at Milkhouse Recording Studio, 2/1/08
Shaun & Suzi’s 15th Annual Mardi Gras Ball at TT The Bear’s, 2/2/08

Here’s this week’s shows I’ll be taking photos at that I highly recommend you check out!
Tuesday, February 5th @ The Abbey Lounge: The Lights Out (Tuesdays in February Residency. See some rock and roll after voting!)
Thursday, February 7th @ The Middle East Upstairs: Gene Loves Jezebel, Broken River Prophet
Friday, February 8th @ The Middle East Upstairs: Drag The River, Girls Guns & Glory, Cassavettes
Saturday, February 9th @ TT The Bear’s: Me and Joan Collins (Bo Barringer’s new band)