New niece, new home, new computer

Lots of new! My sister Amy’s baby arrived last night. My new (first!) niece is reported to be fabulous with lots of black hair, blue eyes and a smaller version of my sister’s (small) nose. Can’t wait to see the photos and get back to Nebraska sometime soon. On Monday I’m moving to Ball Square in Somerville. It will be so very nice to be within walking distance of Davis Square. True Grounds opened up a few months ago in my new neighborhood and they’ve got free wifi, too! On Sunday I’m buying a new computer. Zippy, my trusty Dell notebook has served me well for almost four years. The case itself has been a disaster. It cracked near the mousepad area and on/near the hinges for the cover/monitor at least once a year. This last time it was out of warranty and the cracks ended up breaking the hinges off the monitor. A notebook computer that you can’t put in your bag and take with you doesn’t make for much of a portable computer. So, I’m visiting the Apple store in Cambridge on Sunday and picking up an iBook. It’ll be the first time I’ve owned a Macintosh computer since I worked at Apple in 1998.