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New Photo: Tecate Ranch Whole Wheat Bread

[tweetmeme] My roommate Chris is an avid bread maker and has just about every ingredient you can think of when it comes to making bread. I flipped through his bread machine book: The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook and found Tecate Ranch Whole Wheat Bread. It was smaller than I expected; but still tasty. That’s probably because I started and stopped the machine a few times because I wasn’t sure if it was turned on. (Bread making novice? Perhaps.) And it’s vegan, too — no dairy!

The bread is based on “an ancient bread recipe called Zarathustra Bread based on the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which focuses on man’s good deeds. The loaf was a statement of committment to vibrant good health and to a caring philosophy of the interdependence of mind, body and spirit.”

tecate ranch whole wheat bread photo

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