oneforty offers custom toolkits to curate lists of your favorite Twitter apps

@Pistachio’s new startup oneforty now offers the ability to create custom toolkits. In a few minutes you can assemble a list of your favorite Twitter apps and share your curated list in the toolkits area of oneforty’s website. Handy!

Music Apps That Rock Twitter!

I put together a “Music Apps That Rock!” toolkit that features some of my favorite music related Twitter apps. Cheers to One Forty for adding it to their toolkit spotlight.

Browse The Toolkits

Other toolkits in the mix include oneforty’s staff picks for iPad apps, Rachel Happe’s Social Media Manager’s Toy Chest and @Skyle’s Social Business for Mobile.

What is oneforty?

One Forty is a Twitter marketplace based in Boston. Here’s how they describe themselves on the company’s about page

We’re here to help. We give you access to the very best tools that make Twitter valuable. We help developers reach the Twitter community and keep providing the innovations that make Twitter better for all of us. There’s an exploding ecosystem of applications and services for Twitter — way too many to keep track of! Your home on oneforty is your place to find, rate, collect and share the best tools for you, and to tell the world what you’re accomplishing with Twitter.

Amazing things are happening on Twitter. With the right tools, you can make amazing things happen too. What can YOU do in oneforty?!