Overheard in Harvard Square

I stopped by Toscanini’s earlier for a hot vanilla (one of few tasty hot beverages) and overheard an interaction that was a mix of disturbing and funny. A twentysomething woman and her mother were not pleased with the service so they decided to let the guy behind the counter know by making passive aggressive comments. And they went on and on. And on. It inspired a few very amusing reactions and bonding moments among the other customers. One guy put a few dollars in the tip jar and said: “I’ll give you three bucks for being rude to those people.” I tried to remain an innocent bystander but it was a difficult task. While putting a lid on my beverage a young woman started talking to me about what happened and we agreed it was very weird and uncomfortable. But I’m almost grateful for the people being such idiots, it gave the rest of us an opportunity to talk and share a few laughs.