Rare books for sale

I’m selling three books on eBay that Michael acquired in the past six months. He definately has book finding superpowers.

“The Big U” by Neil Stephenson :: This is the first book he wrote. It is presumably a parody of Boston University. From what I’ve read, he is not all that fond of this book and is not pleased it is still in circulation. Other books he’s written include Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon. We found it priced for quite a few pennies at but decided to go with the bargain “buy it now” price of $300. ;)

“M/W” (Men/Women) by Herb Ritts:: Rare, out of print, 4th printing.

“Eight Mortal Ladies Possessed” by Tennessee Williams :: This book is signed by the author. It’s the first paperbook printing from 1974.