Sondre Lerche’s new album and a concert in Boston in May

This is an alert to friends, aquintances and whomever else passes by my website. You’ve got plans in May at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston the evening of Tuesday, May 4th. My favorite Norwegian singer-songwriter, Sondre Lerche, is headlining a tour in support of his new album, Two Way Monologue that was released yesterday. The Paradise is the best mediumish sized venue around Boston to see a band. Sondre is headlining this time around with a full band. Good times! The video for the tune “Two Way Monologue” is online, too. It’s hilarious. And a good song, too.

Here’s what Sondre had to say about the new collection of tunes. The typos are his.

“This record is good. But it will most certainly take some time to get into. I guess that’s some kind of cosy warning. I knew this when I made it, but forgot it when I had finished it and was finally into it myself. Then I rediecovered the fact just now when I played it for friends. It’s a grower. Of course, folks may like it or not, but let it grow and it’ll open you up. If it doesn’t after 20 spins, you may very well be excused and should perhaps concider another artist. I respect that.”