Spontaneous Conspiring or “Why I Still Love the Internet”

Yesterday I was giving Scott a hard time about his away message on IM that said “unconcious.” He was spending lots of hours working on Feedster, his new RSS search engine project that took on a life of its own when the little prototype started getting bombarded with website visitors (aka Slashdotted, etc.) He pointed out the list of names that had been suggested. I thought something maybe a little less literal without the word RSS in the title might be interesting. In a matter of minutes, we came up with the name! Maybe a million dollar branding expert could come up with something better. Maybe not.

That spontaneous conspiring reminded me of why I love the Internet. Some of the best ideas come out of doing something for the fun of it and to simply prove that you can do it. The Internet really is a World of Ends.

Note: I’m not referencing the name directly since Scott doesn’t seem to be doing so on his weblog just yet. But if you read his site you could figure it out all the same.

Update 3/13/03: He officially unveiled Feedster this morning. Check it out!