Marketing and Writing Internships at Exploit Boston!

A cloning machine would really come in handy right now. But since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, I’m hiring two interns for Exploit Boston!, my Boston music blog and concert guide. The promotions and publicity intern will manage contests (concert ticket giveaways, etc.) and line up photo credentials and review tickets for staff. The web editor intern will add music-related happenings to the site: listings and more in-depth features with audio and video. If you know anyone who might be interested, have them check out the job listings on Craig’s List. I’ve received some interesting responses so far.

Acquia launches their new commercially supported Drupal awesomeness

Acquia, who I worked for as event planner for Drupalcon Boston this past spring and then as an event marketing contractor for a few months over the summer, launched their new commercially supported Drupal products today. They’re helping make it easier to set up and run Drupal powered websites — you don’t need to be an open source programming rock star. Very cool. I recommended Tim Merrill to them (who I met through Paul Irish) for the website design makeover. Awesomeness all around!