The 8-track web

There are plenty of websites devoted to someone’s cat, oddly documented yet uneventful life, moist towellete collection, etc. But how many websites are devoted to 8-tracks? Hilary has a massive 8-track tape collection and she chronicles her eBay purchases and 8-track adventures on her weblog. Hopefully VH-1 will have the sense to put her on their new “Totally Obsessed” show about people with curious obsessions. One of these days maybe I’ll get to see her 8-track museum: a room in her apartment entirely covered wall-to-wall with 8-tracks. Check her April 27th entry (I’d link to it but her archives aren’t working) on her website to learn about her plans to get married on May 17th when gay marriage becomes legal in the state of Massachusetts. The photo is one I took of Hilary and her girlfriend Cathy at a Harvard Bookstore holiday party a few years ago.